Local Boy Does Good

Local Boy Does Good, originally uploaded by RavenGirlPhotography.

Billy is 11 yrs old, he started growing his hair two years ago last February. It all started on a bet. Billy’s mom bet him that he couldn’t go a year without getting his hair cut. He had always had a brush cut before he started growing his hair. Well when his hair really started to get long it became quite apparent that Billy had beautiful hair. It seemed such a waste just to see it all go. After a discussion between Billy and his mom it was decided that he would donate his hair to be made into a wig. We did some looking around and found and organization that is in Mississauga. It is called A Child’s Voice Foundation. A Child’s Voice Foundation, directed by Roslyn Yearwood and in partnership with Amalia Ruggiero, are founders of a Canadian program called Angel Hair for Kids. This is where Billy has decided to donate his hair.
At 1:15 in the afternoon on Tuesday April 29th Billy is going to have Aunt Shelley cut his hair at his school in front of all the kids. We had to have Aunt Shelley cut his hair because she is the only person who has ever cut his hair. She gave him is very first hair cut when he was just 2 yrs old. Shelley is going to cut the hair off to be donated and then Billy is going to ask for a donations from the kids at school to see him get his head shaved. It is very expensive to make these wigs and Billy would like to raise money to help with the cost. Presently he has raised over $700. Most of the money so far has come from Guelph Products. These people have renewed my faith. They are losing their jobs with the plant closing down and they still raised over $500 through the efforts of Billy’s Gramma Henry. Billy’s goal is to reach $1000. The reason we picked Angel Hair for kids is because they actually donate the wigs to disadvantaged families. They are always in need of hair and money. Billy has made alot of people very proud of what he has accomplished. It hasn’t come without a price to say the least. Billy has had to deal with teasing and misunderstanding stares. It got to the point where his mom honestly thought that he would give up. After a good long talk Billy was quite adamant the he was going to go through with it. Well as of today Billy’s hair measures a little over 12 inches, the requirement is only 10. Billy is an amazing little boy. He is caring and he is kind and he doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. I am very proud to be associated with him. He is an inspiration to us all.

If you would like to help in anyway here are some links to donate if you feel up to it.

A Child’s Voice Foundation

Angel Hair for Kids

Online donations

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