Steam Punk

Cyber Pirate, originally uploaded by RavenGirlPhotography.

So today I have some exciting news.
Kerri Mercer of “Black Orchid Designs”
Was interviewed a few days ago by the Toronto Star to talk about “Steam Punk” fashion. SO today May 16 we are both in the Living Section of the Toronto Star!!
Kerri stood up to bat for me and said she would really like one of the pictures I took of her and her product to be used for the article if it could be.
She is a wicked designer and along with her husband to be they come up with some amazing ideas. I can’ t wait to get her to make me something… hint hint
I also owe alot of thanks to Erin Kobayashi for pushing the fact that my name should be posted with the picture…
So thank you Erin. That was something we both know you didn’t have to do and it was really really sweet of you I’m full of warm fuzzies because of it!
So this might be just one article to some people but to me it is a great big step towards what I have been doing for the last four years of trying to get my name out there and have people know who I am!

So if you guys need anything really kewl made up she is a really busy girl right now but contact her anyways for I believe in her product!

Go check out the article here>>

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