Being A Part Of History

So from what I can find Googling Guelph Ontario Canada is that the Olympic Torch has never passed through this town.

We made a plan to head out to see this wondrous site about a week in advance. Then kinda forgot about it till the day before! Good thing I remembered…. Ange forgot.. tisk tisk.

So the plan was to wake up early go find a spot to wait out the Torch and see history in the making. 6am wake up was not very nice and I just wanted to roll back over and go back to sleep. I got up had a glass of water,checked emails and woke my daughter up at 6:30am. She was really sleepy too but got up with out alot of encouragement. So proud of my nine year old for wanting to be apart of the excitement. So off we headed out around 7:15am went and parked at GCVI high school and walked across the street and stood on Paisley road waiting for the runner.

We shivered a lil bit taking some photos of each other with my camera… (Ange forgot to recharge her batteries…teehee) Then we hear dance music. A little to loud to be a car so we figure it has to be something to do with the runner. People at the top of the hill started gathering more but we staid in our spot.

It was a great surprise to see that there was actually a few runners… when we found out about the Torch passing through we read that it would be a lady on a horse drawn carriage. So glad we where before that part. I know it is interesting and there most be a reason for the horse but to me the runner was something I always wished to see.

I got a lil teary eyed when I was shooting the runner going by glad Morgan and Ange never saw that. Was a great morning.

Peace and Respect



3 thoughts on “Being A Part Of History

  1. Hello,

    Just a shot in the dark but wondering if you or if you know someone who has any pictures of the torch bearer being tripped in Guelph this morning. Thanks for any help you may be available to provide.

    Kier Gilmour
    Canwest Pictures
    613 369-4855

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