Steampunk Meets Wonderland

So for the last few months I have been in talks with Scary Kerri of about doing another BIG shoot with her clothing line and accessories. I wanted to come up with a really awesome location to shoot and I had a few ideas but the main one that stuck in my head was for a frozen waterfall. In Hamilton … the waterfall capital of But the thing was that I thought it would look awesome being there in the winter with the water all frozen. Not one thought came into my head about it being REALLY COLD and the girls dressed in ripped up dresses and cuffs ,plus crazy ass

So the first falls we went to was Tiffany and my buddy John Wills of came out to shoot with us had gotten there a bit early so he checked out the spot and found climbers all over the falls… well that was not going to be the back drop for a location that I wanted… so we pretty much just drove across the street and went to Sherman falls and set up there.

So the lighting set up I had was not the greatest and pretty ghetto but because of the way the sun was coming at us they where refusing to flash off with the camera. Thank god for good friends that have a bit more knowledge about lighting then I do and that came prepared with back up set up.  So this is me thanking the every wonderful John Wills for helping out and saving my butt.. THANKS JOHN!

I would also like to thank my new buddy Darren Humphery he helped out a ton too with blocking lens glare and flash holding at the abandon house we went to. I really liked how he came up with some kewl ideas as to how to get some dramatic lighting on the girls at the house. THANKS DARREN was kewl having you around man!

So while we where shooting and the girls where dancing around getting dressed and undressed in the freezing cold wind it came to me that most of Kerri’s clothes kinda had a Alice In Wonderland feel to them.

So while editing I came up with some ideas and some titles to make them fit into that theme. I really had a great day I’m coming up with theme days so keep you eyes open for more mayhem and fun!

Ps Big thanks also goes out to the amazing models for freezing their bits off and keeping smiles on their faces for us. Scary Kerri … Becka and Missy Morrow are the bee’s knees for me! I love you ladies can’t wait to do something BIG again!

Peace and Respect


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