First Photo Event

So today was my very first photo event.

Woke up to a phone call from frantic models worried about the rain so we came up with a back up plan to use one of the houses I know about. Well by the time everybody got to my place the rain had stopped so we decided to make our way to the junk yard anyways (still praying that it would not rain on us and our gear!).

Well the day could not have been any better… well maybe for not so much sun later into the I feel like it went off with out a hitch.

For the photographers that took part I thank you for being part of my very first event and I’m glad you where my firsts cause there where no issues. For the Models that helped out with modeling their butts off… I thank you from the bottom of my heart for rocking it out with your bad selves like I knew you would! For Kerri (whom designed all the outfits) your a sewing goddess lady and with out your hard work and passion this day would have not had the glamor it did.

You can find Kerri’s work at or at

Hope those that where interested in coming to this one that you come out to the next one I have cause they are a blast!

Peace and Respect


4 thoughts on “First Photo Event

  1. You can count me in for as many events as you do!! Hahahaha. I got some of the best shots I’ve ever done with your guidance. And it was a blast!

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