Forbulous Clan

Well last night I did a photo shoot with fellow photographer Mike Forbes his lovely wife and their  son Brett. We went down to one of my fav spots that I don’t like to over use but I find it peaceful and earthy. I did a shoot with them a few years back and this one went a bit better. Brett had a blast tossing rocks into the creek while I worked with mom and dad and when it was his turn there where promises of Dairy Queen if he posed for me with lil or no issue. Well the shoot was fun.. getting chased by a wet Brett finding a big fat juicy worm and yes there was Dairy Queen at the end I even got one!

This family is so full of jokes and giggles that it is not easy to go home after a shoot like this with out a big smile on your face for the rest of the night.

Thanks for the great night and ice cream guys!

You can find Mike’s work here…

Peace and Respect


Ummm so this last shot was their idea and lol I still love it!

4 thoughts on “Forbulous Clan

  1. I love these shots! Jenn is super photogenic! ❤ She looks amazing!!!!!!!!!! So happy to see the fam shots!

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