So was asked to colab for a shoot today. A really good friend of mine that I use to work with in retail asked me to come along to a shoot today with her sister as the model. We went down to Paula’s fav spot this wonderfully beautiful creek and started shooting. Well Lori looked great and brought some nice pieces to be photographed in. The water thank goodness was not to cold for her and her bare feet… well was a little bit cold when we had her sit right in it.

I had a few things go crazy on me my soft box (strobe flash) fell in the water twice.. thank goodness nothing other than the fabric got a bit wet and I fell down on my butt after sliding on some mud. Hit a rock with my left side but am ok.

I ended up having a great morning with them and then out for Indian for lunch with Paula …mmm curried goat.

Thanks for putting up with me today ladies was alot of fun

Oh Paula not only is a photographer but is a jewelry maker if you would like to check out her work please go here… http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/For-Bead-Sake/297106560221?ref=ts

Here are some of the shots I got today.

Peace and Respect


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