Kim and Nicholas

So had a shot a few days ago with a mommy and a baby. She came with ideas already in her head with certain outfits and

I really like when a client has idea’s or themes that they want to try to produce with my creative flow. Kim and Nicky (what I was calling him) got here and what a bundle of joy to work with.. not only did he give me some smiles he also gave me some great “Stank” faces…lol. We where shooting away and all of a sudden he decided he didn’t want to sit anymore and started to get on his knees me knowing already he is not gonna go far cause mom tells me he can’t crawl yet was totally surprise when the little peanut started to move forward towards my camera. Kim and my jaw dropped about the same time cause here we where shooting one min and the next little man is taking his first crawling moments right in front of us. What a great moment to share with the mom I just had such a wonderful time working with these two. I look forward to working with them again!

Peace and Respect


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