Abandon Adventure #1

So this week my gal pal Paula Erb came down for a visit from her spot up near New Market.

I wanted to find a really kewl place to take her to so asked a fellow photog about a spot I saw him shoot at a few days a head of time. Well off we went with gear and a tool to help us (shhh) try to open doors if we need it too. We found the place got into the ground good and all but then started to look for a way in… I swear we where there for about 45 mins with no look tool and all! We took a few images on the outside of the place but got NOTHING inside. I will have to try to go back. I then took her to another place that the Flickr Guelph people call the Tree House… well it’s kinda creepy there but even more so cause someone took the time to really make one of the rooms even more creepier.

Our day was full of mud fun laughter and friendship.

Thanks for going on this adventure with me Paula it was a blast… dirty pants and all!

Peace and Respect


2 thoughts on “Abandon Adventure #1

  1. Aw!! You’re the best Lady!! I had a great time too. I just need to find the time to edit some photos. Work sucks. How dare it take so much of my time!!
    I can’t wait for the next adventure, and I promise to bring moist towelettes!! lol

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