A Life Time Of Friendship

I was asked to take photos of these two lovely ladies.  They came with stories and smiles (which I adore) They have been through the gourmet of this thing we call life together. There have been marriages … divorcees … births… deaths … fights … make-ups … and through all of this they have stayed strong and have kept their ever lasting friendship going. For me seeing two people who have dealt with each other for 40 years and keep smiling like they do gives me hope. Not only for myself as a friend of people I love and admire.. but for mankind it’s self.

Thank you ladies for letting me see a small fraction of the love two friends can have for each other.

Small note to all my friends…. I love you.

Peace and Respect


Showing their love for the photographer…lol

One thought on “A Life Time Of Friendship

  1. What a lovely idea…these 2 ladies are beautiful. Great job Julia. Maybe I should do that with my 2 best friends. 🙂

    Smiles always

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