Fairy Photographic Event

Well this past Sunday I had my second photo event! The theme for this one was whimsical fairies. I had three models Kim Wall, Jenny Middleton and Robyn McNair. All stunning beauties and with the right amount of fairy in the all! The amazing outfits where made by Kerri Mercer of Black Orchid Designs a amazing designer that would meet any body’s  punk rock and fantasy dreams come true! http://www.etsy.com/shop/blackorchiddesignsca?ref=seller_info

This time around we had to female photographers that took part in the event. Paula Erb and Chrissie Wu.. both photog’s are funny and full of ideas which they went crazy with the models.

The location for this one was one I have been to once before and totally fell in love with but this time we went all the way down to the end and found a gem of a river where I know I will be back for more events!

So with out farther ado here are some of the shots I got from the event.

Peace and Respect


Ps Thanks to everybody that was involved with this event it was super fun and a great time!

Pps Thanks goes out to my man for helping with gear and set ups!<3

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