Vamps Part One

So I decided to start in a series of photos I have been thinking about for a bit now.


All Female so far is the idea from skinny to bbw . From old age to new age. This is from the first set I did… I was so excited and frustrated at the same time shooting this just because I need to teach myself better use of light at night time. Yes it had to be at night to get the right feel to it! The first lovely model is  Kimberly Turner Edwards… who is not only a model but loves Jewelery making and healthy food cooking. We also had the honor of her man being up from Texas to join into the fun and be our meat for the night!

Models Kimberly Turner-Edwards and Kenney Edwards
Karen Smith Hairstylist Mua
“K, Turn Around” Jewelry
© Julia Busato of Raven Girl Photography 2010

Here are some of the shots we got… LOVE them!

Peace and Respect


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