Heather and Nate Engagement

So a friend/model of mine “Miss E” told me her sister was getting married and wanted to get some nice engagement photos done. She sent her towards me and am I ever glad she did. We ended up going to a sunflower patch that is right off the high way and had a lovely red barn on the land too.

We where able to go right in the back of the field because there is actually nobody living on the land right now so we too full advantage of that. I’m glad we got out there a couple days ago I went back to day and most of the flowers are flopped over from heat and being to heavy.

Heather and Nate both being in the law enforcement field wanted laid back and fun photos. They where such a laugh and we had so much from that a hour shoot ran into two hours ,one outfit change and a few mosquitoes bites..lol

I’m super excited on how the photos turned out and I hear from a little birdie that Heather loves what she see’s so far!

So here are some of the shots we got.. and I mean SOME there are alot more that I really liked too.

Peace and Respect


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