Marina Marina

So this past Saturday I collaborated again with my photographer friend Darren Humphrey. I asked him if he had a model to work with and Marina was the first to pop into his mind. She drove in from London Ont. to come work with us. I had a few ideas but was not sure if they would work because I had never worked with this model before. She got here and we had time to talk and pick out wardrobe while we waited for Darren to arrive… instant connection she is a great person with a amazing attitude and was willing to do what ever I tossed her way.  My first idea for her was to make her almost into a ethnic goddess… I had this Pashmina that I LOVE because of the colours and design so we went with the inspiration from that scarf.. which was awesome we most have shot her for about two hours in a scarf!… Try it some time no wardrobe just a scarf and see how many different looks you can get with it… I think we got three that I was totally happy with.

Second we went to this creek that a really good friend showed me and I LOVE … with a piece of red fabric I had laying around the house we garbed Marina up in that and started shooting. Again No and I mean NO other then undergarments WARDROBE was used in this shoot. I think some times keeping it simple is a great way to go.

So here are the shots I got of Marina.

Thanks go out to Darren Humphrey for helping with the props and being a great Sherpa!

Thanks also go out to Marina Antic for putting up with us and being a trooper!

Peace and Respect


Here are a few behind the scene shots… the ones of me and Marina are taken by Darren Humphrey!

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