Trio Arjento!/trioarjento can be found here as their web page is being fixed right now.

So Saturdays shoot was with this amazing band. Not only are they totally talented they have this rare quality where you just hang on every word they say and want to hear them talking for hours. Now when it comes to their sound it’s like a Jazz, Blues and Smokey Lounge act all rolled into one and that just makes me swoon when I hear them.

We went around my home town of Guelph Ontario and totally went with a editorial feel to the shots. We jumped into stores ,bars and sat in front of cafe/restaurants. We only got turned down once for a use of a place which was ok cause it was kinda small to fit us four and a light set up in their bar area.

I know they have a gig in Hamilton coming up so if you are in the area and would like to check them out please do so you will not be disappointed!!/event.php?eid=100352963360551&ref=mf

Peace and Resepect


Oh ps many thanks go out to Carden Street Cafe and NV Lounge of Guelph for letting us hang in your spots!

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