Darren’s Birthday


We decided to do a shoot he has wanted to do for a little bit now… ever since he has seen a prop horse my sister gave me.

So we went hunting for a costume and then grabbed Morgan and went hunting for a location the whole while I was scared that we where not going to have any light that was leaving us very quickly but it all worked out amazing and I would love to thank  Darren for collaborating with me on this one… your great idea to pose with the horse also for the use of his amazing lens with out all of these things this shot would not have worked!

Thanks to Miss E of {PartyCorner) for the wonderful costume idea and my daughter for standing out there with us in the cold holding the stand because mommy forgot her sand bag!
Storbist set up
One Canon Speedlight 430ex11 off to the left of the shot through white umbrella @ 1/4
Settings … 1/60 f 4
Triggered with Pt40’s
© Julia Busato of Raven Girl Photography 2010

a few shots from inside home studio

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