Melynda Moon

So Monday Jan 3 2011 I had the chance to collaborate with Eric Wheeler of with model Melynda Moon. I have worked with this model a few times in the past but this time around it seemed different. She seems to be coming into knowing how to model and giving us the angles and looks we are looking for. For me as a photographer that loves working with people that are not professionals this was something of a great joy to me to know that I have been a part of her journey as a model.I know  she is only going to move on to bigger and better things and one day I hope she will not  forget  the photographer from Guelph that saw something in her that needed to be photographed.

To see more of Melynda Moon’s work as a model or to contact her ….

Peace and Respect


The Result of the Shot below!

Eric helping out with light as we shoot Melynda in a Guelph Alley Way


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