Karate King

So we finally got some snow to go out and play in. J.F let me talk him into posing for me with his karate gear. Off we went to find the “perfect” location and me not being as much as a perfectionist as some photographers I know about locations we actually ended up finding a great little spot that I would actually love to use again.

Poor guy dealt with really wet cold feet for most of this shoot… thank goodness it was only about a 30 min shoot. We ended up getting some great sun light along with my flash to get some pretty awesome light I thought. I love how these turned out… wish it was not so cold to set some of them up better but as photographers we deal with time lines ALOT and do what we can in those moments…. well this moment worked out fantastic!

Thanks to J.F for posing for me and being a champ with all the cold!!

Peace and Respect


Here is the one Speed Light Set Up

Last one of some natural light head shots we did. ❤

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