Anna Boudoir

So worked with a lovely woman with the name of Anna yesterday. She is a mother of three and a gentle soul. I was able to talk to her a bit while we where working and she seemed so nervous at first to be doing this type of thing but let me tell you by the end of our session she was feeling great and confident. I love when things like this happen with the women I work with. I want EVERY woman I work with walk away from a session with me feeling like a queen for a day.

I just want to put it out there … that no matter how you look (or Think You Look) feeling great makes you glow and beam more then anything.

Thanks to Anna for being brave and trusting me to bring out the best in her for the camera!

Peace and Respect


To see more of the boudoir shoots I do please go over to my Boudoir Fanpage on Face Book!/pages/Julia-Busato-Photography/348867368592

3 thoughts on “Anna Boudoir

  1. Body image is something we (women) have thrown in our faces every day. No matter what type of life we lead or have lived.

    My body image issues go way back… I am a sexual assault/rape survivor. I can tell you that gives you all sorts of BAD self esteem/body image views of yourself.

    Julia, you are an amazing photographer but more importantly a beautiful woman. Could I have gotten naked in front of anyone else? Maybe. But it takes a very special woman/person to help a woman step out of her shell, accept her body and feel beautiful.

    I have never in my life wished I was someone else nor have I wanted different experiences. I have accepted WHO I am and the road I have traveled. Big Thank you’s to you, Julia, for helping me accept my body and let go of my body issues.

    *big hugs*

    • Anna …
      There are alot of woman that are survivors I myself am one.
      It might be one of the reasons why I love doing photo sessions like this. Making women feel sexy confident and free makes me sore with hope and warmth. To know that I can help in the little way that I can doing what I do means the world to me.
      I’m very honored and pleased to be a part of your journey Anna you are a wonderful woman and these photos are just a small part of who you are as a woman.
      Stunning and Strong!

  2. You look beautiful Anna! And great photography as usual! Jules is a very special person and I’m not talking short-bus special. She is one of the kindest, caring, warm-hearted people I know and it’s all too easy to let down all your walls and open up to her. I’ve watched her shoot, shot with her and been shot by her so I know what I’m talkin bout Willis!

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