Fun and Flirty Shoot with Carrie

So this past Saturday I worked with a lady I have worked with before .. Carrie.. she is totally fun and full of crazy ideas. I find with her ideas and my creative flow we work very well together. She had come to me before for strictly boudoir/glamor photos last time… this time we both wanted something different for her that was FUN and FLIRTY!

Well with a bag full for cinnamon hearts and 8 3lbs jars of Jif Peanut butter I think we got some great photos that just put a smile on your face and make you go Yum!… as for the other set we did well those I can’t share on here … but they rock as well!

I hope you all had a great weekend I know I did!

Peace and Respect


Carrie and I after shot was finisihed LOL Carrie and I after shoot was finished!

5 thoughts on “Fun and Flirty Shoot with Carrie

  1. Woot woot it really was a super fun afternoon Julia, you have this way about you, you made me feel so comfortable from the first meeting, and I love your creative ideas…can’t wait to shoot with you again…you truely are an amazing lady…xx

  2. Awww Carrie I can’t wait to shoot with you again too… it’s so much fun and your so free and open to ideas that it makes it super easy to work with… plus your stunning …lol

    • LOL the clients fav peanut butter .. these where brought back from the states for her cause you can no longer get this brand in Canada.

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