Fun & Flirty Shoot With Megan


Last week Megan came to me with some idea’s for a “Fun & Flirty” shoot she wanted to do for her man. She came with alot of great idea’s one of them was doing a set with his favorite teams basketball jersey and his basket ball… let me tell you I LOVE that! It’s what I tell alot of my clients if your doing this for him think of something he would love to see you in (or Out of) and go for it. Well Megan was so much fun that all the sets we did turned out awesome.

Thanks for letting me be a part of what you wanted to create for your man Megan I know he loves them and so he should cause your amazing!

Peace and Respect



Side note…Kort ★ did Megan’s hair … she will be one of the hair stylists I will be working in up coming events!







Here is Megan and myself after the shot was over!

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