Julie And Chris

This past Sunday Morning Julie and Chris came to my home studio to have some couple boudoir shots done. Well I have not done those in some time so I was very excited with the ideas I had for natural light that I get in my bed room. I wanted to portrait something touching , intimate, loving , suggestive, sensual and almost voyeuristic feel to it.  I feel very passionately about my work and feel like I’m in some sublime serial bubble of art and excitement when I get to do work like this. This is what I feel my strong suit is in photography… the artistic flare to nudes and boudoir shots. I LOVE everything I do but this niche really gets me high.

So saying that when I wake up yesterday and find that not only is one of these photos reported for violating some face book agreement I found out on my fan page for these photos (which has a 18+ filter on it) there are more photos gone that seemed to have offended someone with in hours of my posting them. This makes me sad and a bit angry at the same time. I think face book should either come up with some “ART FRIENDLY” filter or be this hard on everybody with their photos at the beach and teens in their bathrooms with bra’s on … come on this is art and compared to the stuff I see on there I’m really shocked at the looky loo’s reporting it as porn or offensive.

I really don’t want to whine or bitch to much this shoot was amazing and the couple was fantastic to work with … I really want to thank them for me twisting and turning them into pretzels..lol You two did a amazing job and the real feelings of love and trust really come through the images we got.

Good luck in your journey you take together and may you always have wonderful Sunday Mornings that you can be in love, laugh and naked in bed together!

Peace and Respect


Aka “The Envelope Pusher”

The Photo that started it all!! …. what a way to spend a Sunday Morning!!

Here are some of the ones with did with Studio Set up lighting.


11 thoughts on “Julie And Chris

  1. Julia – these are absolutely gorgeous! The lighting on them, the whole ‘suggestion’ of something more sensual going on is amazing.

    Facebook is just plain weird.

  2. Julia, what can I say but that you have done it again!!! You captured such emotional and intimate moments with us!! This shoot was amazing in every way. I can’t thank you enough. Love hugs and kisses

  3. I absolutely love love love this series of photos….you really feel the love these two have for each other…its so raw with emotions and you captured them in some intimate and touching moments Julie…congrats!!!!! youre amazing

  4. Real Nice series Julia. You must be super pleased with the results after talking to you days before the shoot and you described it exactly as shown. Gotta luv when it comes together and there’s a happy ending. 🙂

  5. Thanks everybody…

    Julie…. it seems that the more we work together the more we seem to read each others flow better!
    I love working with you and I’m super happy that you love working with me as well.

    Thanks so very much Carrie!

    Darren …. your so right this is just how I envisioned this shot to go and I’m SUPER DUPER happy that what was in my head actually came out into my camera the same way!!… You know as a photographer some times it doesn’t happen that way..lol

  6. awesome shots as usual Jules! the models look great and their posing is very nicely done. that being said, you KNOW Facebook wasn’t gonna let those run for more than 5 minutes so why are you surprised at all??? I’ve seen pics get pulled for far less!!!! Probably just best off to post a couple that are absolutely not even suggestive and then link to your blog telling people if they wanna see the REAL STUFF, go there….. safer… but I know how you like to walk the fine line!!!!!

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