Guelph And It’s People!

So I have decided to start a series that I have been dieing to do for a long time.
Being from Guelph the people of down town mean alot to me. I wanted to show whom ever looks at my work just how much.
In this set I did … I photographed …

I remember when he had his first store and I went in for my very first pair of Chucks I was 15 and he still remembers me and my name to this day!

The Lovely Heather….I went in to DIS A Ray today to take Ray’s photos to find he was not there but his lovely wife was and she was sweet to let me

Carlos … a Guelph flavor you can either love him or leave him I find he adds to the crazy flow of the down town culture.
He tends to yell at people that cross his path the wrong way well he was ok with us.. but I had to pay him some cash to get this photo … I was only allowed to take two shots and then he was gone like a shot….lucky one worked.

Nancy Alberton was my assistant for these pics I would love to thank her for hanging with me … she will be helping me with other too.
© Julia Busato of Raven Girl Photography 2011


Peace and Respect





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