Silent Hill 2

So at the beginning  of the week I saw a few photog’s that I watch had been taking some really kewl shots of this Movie set. Well this Movie set was not just any day random movie set this was the main street from the Game/Movie Silent Hill!

I’m not a huge gamer people but the Silent Hill games are ones I actually played.. I have a huge thing for something that keeps me excited and a bit freaked out at the same time. Horror movies have been a part of my growing up….Thanks to my older sister and a dark dank basement late on a Saturday night watching B horror movies like the Blob and The Attack Of The Tomatoes.. even to this day I find alot of Horror movies make me giggle.  OK back on track here…lol

Well I had asked a gf of mine if we could possibly go check out this set and hopefully get some good shots. I had also heard that there was a few photo blockers there .. people hired to stand around and make sure things where on the up and up with people walking by and sneaking And then IT SNOWED!! and not a little bit enough to really tick me off…so our plans where canceled  with much disappointment. A few days later the snow had started to melt and we decided to try again.. this time Nancy was coming with us!

Well we set off on all of us in the car super excited… We got there and ended up parking in a lot that trucks where in we knew we where in the right place. Outta the car I didn’t take my camera out right away but walked up to the first guy that looked sudo important.. “So this is for the Silent Hill 2 Movie right?”… “YUPP”…. “Ummm am I aloud to take some shots?” …. “Nope” …. “Umm ok.. sigh” … we walk away towards the main street deflated a bit. We decide to look around a bit cross the street away from the street that was being set up… and I tried to take a few shots … to far away damn it.

I saw some guy getting in trouble for taking shots with his cell phone.. waited for him to come back towards us and asked if he got in alot of trouble.. I guess the photo blocker on this side told him it was ok if he only took some shots of things and not the people working. By this time there was only grunt workers no actors.  So I decided to grow a pair … camera in hand walked right up to the Photo Blocker (Female one this time) and .. “Umm think I could take a few shots of things … I promise I will not shoot any of the workers .. this is one of my and my daughters fav movies and she will freak out to see the shots” “Well I really appreciate you asking nobody does… if your really fast and just take the shots of things that is kewl with me” “Really? wow thanks so much I promise to be fast!”

This Photo Blockers name was Jamie and she actually was pretty kewl. Thanks again Jamie. I took what shots I could there … FAST.. then we decided to walk around the town a bit to find second hand stores.. well on our walk we ran into a alley that had been set up for the Movie but nobody was around… so I took shots there too… Over all I wish I could have gotten some of the shots I had seen other people get but I’m still really happy with the ones I did get… OH and Nancy found me one of the Amusement Park posters in a garbage can … a bit messed up but that made me love it even more … it’s framed on my wall now!!>.<

I hope you all had a great week.. mine was fantastic.

Peace and Love


Me with my Amusement Park Nice Face

4 thoughts on “Silent Hill 2

  1. that’s killer Jules! I really like that movie too… it was a creepy one.. I don’t normally give a crap about movies adopted from video games but this one was pretty cool!

    OH and of course the shots are way cool!!!!!

    • Thanks Mikey… yeah they really did this movie well actually got more into the store behind it all then the game did.. I can’t wait to see what they do with part 2!!

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