This lovely lady has been a fan of my work for a wee bit and she finally decided to take the plung and book a shoot with me. She knew she wanted to do something creative , pretty and soft. Well there is a reason she wanted to have all these things balled into one shoot… she is a welder and works with a bunch of men so there is not alot of time to do the “Pretty” thing .

Not only is this lady STUNNING … she is so bubbly and fun to be around…we kinda spent the whole day together after her shot was done… well her,myself and the ladies that assited me for the day. Megan Haddad and Nancy Alberton…{thanks Ladies}

It was a REALLY COLD day but Naomi was a super star and went along with all my crazy ideas even in what she was wearing… COLD I TELL YOU

Well here you guys go Naomi in all her glory .. pretty , funny, soft, full of life.

Peace and Respect


Here is all of us invovled just being kooky… what a fun shoot.

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