So this past saturday I had planned to head out on a photo adventure with some of my fave crew.. well the weather had other plans. So we decided to stay in and play around with models , fruit and flowers…lol

It was a full day full of laughter , creativity, swear words (lol) and   it brought us to a level of  friendship where we can lean on each other and even be supportive of one another’s work! I have a really hard time when photographers get all crazy like and feel like the world can’t know their secrets or style… NOTHING IS NEW PEOPLE .. so why not share in what you know and help others get to that creative point they are striving for? (Steps off soap box)

Some of my all time favorite photographers are ones that share with the world what it is they do and how they do it.

We will probably do this again no idea WHAT the heck we will get into this time but these are some of the images I got from Sunday.

HHC in da house!

Julia,Karen,Ben and Jeff

Peace and Respect



Well most of us… my memory card went nuts on my point and shoot so far no shots of Karen …well behind the scene ones!

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