Sunset Outting

Yesterday myself and two of my photog friends decided to grab my daughter and go for a drive to see what kind of photo adventure we could get into.

We drove for a bit and ended up finding a nice field of clover that had some great light on it… so out we jump a kid in tot and ready to have three photographers invade her personal space…lol …poor kid! We played with natural light here and got some great sun glare. We also ran into another fellow photographer… which was a pretty funny thing when your on a back road photographing a clover

After this locale we drove off in search of our next location and drove we for about 15 mins as we watched the sky deepen in colour and all thinking we would never find a spot to stop.. Well leave no stone unturned and no road traveled on. We went on this little (ok more than a little) road and ended up getting to a spot I notice that had a space in for us to get into a field. Some times I’m a good passenger

Well at this location we set or feet into the dirt and here we stayed till the sun was just a faint memory.

I love doing things like this with wonderful creative friends that understand the process of frustration (when your settings just aren’t working) and the joyous yelp of happiness when the shot works they way you see it in your mind’s eye. Thank you for friends like these makes what I do even more exciting and worth while.

Anyways get on with it Julia show is the

Peace and Respect



I also was able to photograph my friend Darren who was one of the photogs that hung out last night.

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