Portfolio Event

On August 28th 2011 I had a portfolio event. It was where I wanted to join fun fresh models with photographers that don’t normally work with models. We had a great crowd of 13 photographers and 5 models.

The models ….  Melynda Moon, Hailey Amethyst, Stephen Price, Luke Harris and Lacey Olsen

The Photographers …. David Wong, Kevin Mitts, Milton Young, Thom Evered, Rob Walton, Paula Erb, Morgan Radford, Dana McMullen, Dmitry Perstin, Gabrielle Humberstone, Serge Tromfimencoff, Doug McKay and John Quin.

Here are some of the images that the photographers got and let me just say as someone that was there to help them direct and talk to their models that I’m truely PROUD of all photographers for getting the amazing photos they got. Plus so proud of the models for giving the photographers all they had!

Bravo you all!!

I can’t wait to do this again!!

Peace and Respect


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