Check That Off Her Bucket List

I had this lovely woman in my studio recently.

Such an amazing woman and full of british humour and spunk. I love anything british btw no idea way but they always fascinate me. She decided to do this boudoir session for herself. A 40th birthday present to herself! Well while she was here getting her make-up done by my amazing MUA crew member Megan Haddad of Megz Make-up she declares that not only is this something she has thought of doing for a bit she said she knew she wanted to come to me for this!… And that I was on her bucket list!!… how awesome is that statement.. that totally made my whole month and reassures me that I’m in this for the right reasons!!…

Thank you Babz for your lovely gift that warmed my heart and it will stay with me always!

Peace and Respect



2 thoughts on “Check That Off Her Bucket List

    • Hello Ardean … thank you so much… that black and white one you speak of is one of my favs too!

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