So today had my first “Tickled Pink” client and what a blast.This was not Carrie’s first Rodeo with me … this is her third time coming for a shoot and she will be coming again and I can’t wait!!  She recently got her hair dyed pink and wanted to do something fun with some head shots. Myself and Megan (my killer make-up) artist came up with a Jeffree Starr inspired theme.

We started off with such a beautiful clean palate.  Then moved to a pink everyday wear makeup look, then we busted out the colours and went to town doing Carrie up!!

We had a basket full of candy to play with too … mostly thanks to our candy fairy Joan Larson … of Stigmata Tattoo In Guelph. THANKS JOAN IT ALL CAME IN HANDY!!

So with pink hair, a love for life and a few mitts full of candy Carrie rocked out her session!

Thanks again to Megan Haddad my wicked MUA

Peace and Respect


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