Late Night Shopping

So tonight fellow photographer and all around kick ass person Ashley Taylor of  Ashlynn Imagery came over to my place to De-stress a little bit… we decided chocolate was the thing that would cure that. As we walk into Zehrs we first see CAKE!!…lol oh well maybe there was a bit of a detour to the chocolate

So cake in hand we start making our way over to the candy isle when all of a sound we are stuck smack dab in the make-up part. Where there is not only make-up but Jewelry, nail polish, and sunglasses.  Well being a girl that has worn glasses since I was two I’m always on the look out for sunglasses I really like because if I can’t see properly I sure as hell gonna look awesome in

Well I think I found them!!.. Omgosh I’m so in love with how 70’s they look. I found a pair almost like this once in Montreal at a Vintage shop on Vacation with my man and they wanted $80.00 for them!! Loved them but not for that price.  So we not only got the Cake, The sunglasses, nail polish, Turkey Jerky, and some actually Chocolate!

Got back here and decided I needed to take some shots with the glasses…lol yes cheesy point and shoot ones. But here we have it … me being silly with my new glasses.. let me know what you think of them!

Peace and Repsect


btw we didn’t even have any damn cake…lol there is always tomorrow!

lol the uv sticker still on the lens… then Ashley told me to put on my Kat Von D lip stain (THAT I LOVE!!)

Little bit of the 70’s flare with the scarf!!

hair down!

lmao my Snookie pose!!

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