What A Weekend

So this past weekend I had a get together of friends , family and just all around awesome people in my life.

I have no seen some of these peeps for a bit now and have been missing them a bunch!

So Saturday night we had a pot luck dinner/house warming party .. wow TONES of great food and good tasting drinks and the laughter of my friends filling my house just made me so happy it’s hard to put into words.

I totally feel blessed with the friends and loved ones I have such a amazing weekend… thank you so much guys I really needed this connection with you all!!
Sunday I went to the beach with my lovely man , Susan (part of my boudoir crew (hairdresser) and her man. We had a blast and spent the day enjoying the sun and each other. I may have enjoyed the sun a little to much for it not only kissed my skin it jumped all over me and left it’s mark! Yes I was not smart into not wearing sunscreen. I’m just starting to feel a bit better skin wise today it’s finally slowing down on being hot and sore.. still red in places though!


Here are just a few shots from my run in with Mr Sun on Sunday..lol

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


Lots. Of . Love


us on the way to the beach.

us on the way home from the beach

Us Home

Me lathered in Zink Monday Night

How I look today… sigh

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