Practicing What I Preach

It may just be me but I have a bit of a hard time with anybody in the service industry that doesn’t try what they offer their clients… such as the Fish Monger that doesn’t eat fish.. or the Dance Instructor that can’t show her “students” what she is asking them to do for her. I as a boudoir/glamor photographer find it hard to believe there are some photogs in this niche that do not step in front of their cameras like they ask their clients to.

Yes I do take photos of myself… a lot of them me just being a jackass and joking around. Sometimes I want to make my self look and feel pretty too. Well today I got to thinking that I always do something creative .. stuff most clients would not ask for , for their photos. So today I went ahead and tried to do stuff that I ask of them. I don’t have a super long cord for my remote so that is why there are no real body shots. But here you go … me doing boudoir/glamor.

Yes women I get the OMG I’m half-naked in front of a total stranger factor I have done some modeling for photographers before … so I know the feeling.. I just want you all to know that I’m in your corner and will you ease into the way my style is . Trust me to be part of your life’s journey.






p.s remember I’m a big girl not in love with all of my body but knowing how to pose makes it easier 🙂

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