Soooooooooooo Excited

I’m in the process of re-branding my work to make it all flow and look even better than it does now. I’m very excited to be taking not only my work but myself into a new phase , bringing me even closer to where I want to be with everything . One of the big steps is bring product into the forefront. Prints and Cd Cases and Albums Oh My!


So a little while back Ashley Taylor of Ashlynn Imagery  and myself got together  in my home with  the owner of “Sia Albums

I can’t wait till I get my tester albums so I can take these with me on client consultations.  I want to showcase my work in these beautiful Albums so not only will I be happy with the finished product but my client will want to show them to everyone she  They help define the look and  shout out what type of girl you  really are.

P.S the Sia Albums company is Local … how awesome is that!! Canadian made!! Being  a small business I find supporting other local businesses to be the way to go , especially ones that make my business look all pretty and fully accessorized

So be excited with me about the new things to come … here is a sneak peek of the type of Albums I will be caring … {photos taken by Ashley Taylor of Ashlynn Imagery}



I have new cards coming too.. EPP!


L.O.L {lots of love}


They do wedding albums as well so going to be looking into those too.


4 thoughts on “Soooooooooooo Excited

  1. Congrats on your upcoming changes. I’m working on making some changes myself – so have an idea what it feels like 🙂

    I’ll have to check out Sia, as I’m starting to look for an album design company that I can work with on future weddings.

    • Awww thanks Christa … I hope it all comes together with out a hitch… but hitches are what make life more fun … right?…lol

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