Lynn + Spencer Get Married

A little while ago .. ok May 26th 2012 to be exact. Angela Bruzesse (my best friend and second shooter) and myself had the amazing pleasure of being a part of Lynn and Spencer’s big day.

You will remember this stunning couple from past blog about their amazing vintage engagement session. 

We arrived first to the groom and brides house where the men where getting ready … oh man what fun went down there, The Minster Of Silly Walks Showed

We then made our way to the brides family home. Where we  met her wonderful family. I have never received such a warm welcome with hugs such a loving and caring family. I even cried a bit there .. shhhh

The rest of the day was all in a blur , it went fast but still will be one of the weddings I remember for a long time.

Thank you so much you two for letting us be a part of your life’s journey.

L.O.L {lots of love}

Julia And Angela

4 thoughts on “Lynn + Spencer Get Married

    • That park is where they actually got engaged … the gazebo in the group shots (far in the distance) is the one he asked her to marry him in.
      Was a great location!
      I didn’t know you where local!!

      • Oh, I’m not local – I’m in Brampton – but my friend Amy (, lives in the Guelph area and decided to do her engagement photos there. LOVE the angle you got of the gazebo! I shot from the end looking back to the tree archway – didn’t even think to get up higher like that. And yes – I was a great location – so many options!

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