Love The Skin Your In

So for a long time I have wanted to start a series of natural beautiful women , all shapes , sizes and colors.  It takes a lot of heart and bravery for a woman to stand naked in front of a photographer even a woman photographer. There is always that fear that there is judgement even with the same-sex. We all tend to be our worst enemy. This client told me that her favorite plus sized model is Tara Lynn whom has graced some great publications with her lovely curves.   .   We took inspiration by one of Tara’s infamous shots of her sitting naked in a wicker chair.  So of course I don’t have a wicker chair we went ahead with what I did have … a stool and a fuzz

I would love to point out that I think my client is stunning and has one of the most honest smiles that really makes her whole body shine.  That along with a huge pair of brass ones to allow me to put this image up for the world to see… total BRAVERY =ed with CONFIDENCE  are true signs of a SEX KITTEN!!!
L.O.L {lots of love}


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