Can We Say Busy Bee?

So this weekend is going to be on crazy weekend full of shoots , new people, alot of beautiful women and some nudity… plus alot of laughter. I plan on having fun with my clients this weekend {Something I always do} But this weekend I get to meet  people I have talked to on the internet for sometime! I also get to photograph three friends coming together for a boudoir party session.  I’m really excited about having a full weekend… I think I might need a nap

So today I had  Head Shot session this morning and then went to Ink Smith Tattoos to see Heather -Wright-Smith for my new design that the amazing Alisia Silliman did up for me … she has drawn out three of my major pieces and I really wanted something else by her on me. I decided to put a frame around her because I wanted a way for her to be tied into my other work.

I’m really happy with the way she turned out and how the top and the bottom of the frame are piece of other tattoos I had already.

Here is the design that Alisia did up for me!

Now here is the ink just finished!

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