Still going….

So this past weekend was a bit of a world wind … and I’m still going .. tonight is the finale session before my weekend session. I just feel like I’m on auto pilot now and life is just taking over…lol

I finally got my new cards that I swear I will take a photo of once I have a bit more time to do a proper one. But let me tell you I’m so insanely happy with them , they take me and my branding to another level.. I can’t wait to get to where I’m totally happy with all of it!

Friday ended up doing a spur of the moment head shot session.

Saturdays  Sessions I was with the amazingly talented Angela Hardy .. Whom I have stalked for a few years We meet back in my Deviant art days and she asked if she could paint a photo I took of two women  in a bath tub. She has even painted me and a wonderful friend of mine actually bought it for me a few years back for my birthday. Angela and myself  have always wanted to meet but never figured out how. Glad we where able to sneak in a few hours this weekend.

I also had a boudoir party with three lovely women on sunday and then sunday evening I had  Doudoir session!

And tonight is a lovely boudoir session.

Then Saturday boudoir session.

THEN I’m going to fall down…lol

OK ok then I need to crack the whip and start on edits.

I hope you all had a great weekend… I will be back later this week with more photos!

Here are some fun ones!

L.O.L {lots of love}


Angela Hardy and myself .. it’s a tongue off.. she won!

Me and the hot trio of ladies from Sunday’s Boudoir Party Session!

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