Sleepy Hollow

So this past Sunday a bunch of us really awesome yes I said it AWESOME Photographer friends got together to shoot a “Sleepy Hollow” themed idea.  We had some really amazing models come and man did they go all out! They where totally dressed to the nines with their idea’s of how they would look in the Sleepy Hollow town. The location was offered up to us by one of the amazing people that belong to our Guelph Photographer Facebook Group. Jackie and her really fracken awesome hubby Perry.  They even laid out some spread for us and let me tell you by the time we where done shooting we where all hungry and ready for a hot beverage!Now about half way through this shoot our fearless host got tossed from her horse who had lost his balance on uneven ground. She hurt her knee and yet didn’t want us to leave so we stayed and finished out our shoot. ( We wish Jackie a speedy recovery)

I would love to thank all those that came out and took part of this amazing fun , exciting , tiring day!

L.O.L {lots of love}


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