50 Shades Of Susan and John

So yes like a lot of women in this country and others I have read E.L.James 50 Shades book trilogy. …. And LOVED it… sigh … sad it’s over but kinda curious about the movie now.

So when this lovely couple came to me and told me they wanted to do couples boudoir and didn’t really know what to do style / theme wise well I had a few ideas..lol. Thank the heavens these two where up for anything and played along with my vision and let me run wild.

I seriously want to thank Susan and John for not only being an awesome couple full of laughter, love and respect but for being open to some fun in front of my camera.. the camera did get steamy!


Peace and Respect


LOL I will never forget this session … here is one last one to show you we actually had some laughs as well!

Art Show went well.

OK so the show was a good show…
We got there early started setting up the tent and realized that the easels we made where to tall…lol
My buddy Adam who is a firefighter and budding photographer got a lil hack saw and help us out with that…lol
We got it all up and it looked great.. local lil side paper came by took a picture of me with the booth if I see it I will show you guys. Friend Ange took some as well I will get some off her too.
I had so much help and support from friends I felt over joyed with how much love was showered on me this day. Thank you to Ange, Shell and Daniel for all you did I love you guys.
Thanks again to Adam and his girls for the help that morning as well.
So I got alot of GREAT feed back and sold five pieces before it rained…agh.
Had a few images get water damage and I think I’m getting sick from standing in the rain waiting for the ok to pack up my stuff.
It was a great day and I would do it again!!
Thanks for all the people that sent me good luck and well wishes You guys rock hard!
Today I went out with my buddy Mike Forbes and we shot our kids in the corn! Lil children of the corn theme got a few good shots I had to use my kit lens though so I’m not use to seeing them as sharp as the pics I take with my 50mm. But they still look great.

Morgan My daughter theme children of the corn