Jenny Blair and Taya

I have to say that from the day I met Jenny that something special happened to my heart. This lady let in a little bit of sunshine and every time I’m around here that little bit of sunshine grows bigger and bigger  that the Grinch would be scared of its size!! She is such a free spirit and one of those people that makes everyone that is around her feel  relaxed and safe. It’s no wonder that she meet this great big giant of man who is just as special as she is. Blair is a big ol’ teddy bear that compliments Jenny like peanut butter and jelly… like Oreo’s and milk… like Yogi and Bo Bo. To finish off this perfect couple is Jenny’s daughter Taya … this little ball of energy is creative, smart and full of sass… plus she gives great hugs. I can’t wait to see this little family blossom. They all are great  folk but together they are AMAZING!

Lots of love and Respect



Nirin Photography


So  my best friend and soon to be partner in crime are starting up a new business.

We will be photographing weddings and events. But doing it our way.

We will be producing images that are fun and laid back. Nothing elaborate and  pompus.

We will be concertrating with family and friends with some candids. We really want to make your events special and give you artistic flare images that you will be happy to look at for years to come.

We will be getting a web page going with package and prices in the near future. If you would like to contact us about a event you might have coming up please feel free to email at us.

Thanks Julia & Angela of