Melynda <3

Yes you will recognize this stunning woman. Melynda Moon came over to pose for me again yesterday. Myself and Ashley Taylor of Ashlynn Imagery wanted to shake off the winter blues and get out and photograph Melynda out for Glamour  and inside for Boudoir . It was a beautiful day to shoot yesterday … a wee bit cold but when you have a trooper like Melynda you keep going. We came back to my place to get some more Boudoir photos in. Such a great way to spend a already great afternoon. {Melynda’s Page} {Ashley’s Page}

Thanks so much ladies for giving me a boost I needed to say SCREW YOU there are still beautiful things in this life that need to be shown!

L.O.L {lots of love}


    plant s


nothing says photo shoot like a few instagram

IMG_4290[1] IMG_4292[1] IMG_4296[1] IMG_4304[1]



I have heard a lot about this show and didn’t want have anything to do with it cause I heard from people that they where disappointed it ended how it ended and when it ended. Well I finally buckled and watched both seasons in a week!!

This show is so good and now I’m ticked off it’s over and how it ended…lol

But in honor of loving this show I wanted to produce something to show my appreciation for it.

Hope you are all having a great week so far.

L.O.L {lots of love}


Long Weekend

So this past long weekend I went away . Had some great adventures checking out abandon houses and just driving. Went to Tobermory one place around these parts I have not been yet and wow what a great spot. I might like to go back there some day but there are so many other places in Ontario I have not been yet that I would like to check off my bucket list as well.

I hope you all you all had a wonderful long weekend.


Lots of Love




Fifty Point

Went out with some great photog friends last Friday LATE evening… or would that have been EARLY Saturday morning… we headed out about 3am…lol to go to the every popular Fifty Point

Yeah not a great idea when I was leaving for the cottage for a week as of 12pm Saturday afternoon… but it was worth the experience even though I didn’t get as many good shots as they did I still had a blast… oh and didn’t get attacked by sand nats!

Here are the three shots I like the best from that adventure.

Peace and Resepect



Sunset Outting

Yesterday myself and two of my photog friends decided to grab my daughter and go for a drive to see what kind of photo adventure we could get into.

We drove for a bit and ended up finding a nice field of clover that had some great light on it… so out we jump a kid in tot and ready to have three photographers invade her personal space…lol …poor kid! We played with natural light here and got some great sun glare. We also ran into another fellow photographer… which was a pretty funny thing when your on a back road photographing a clover

After this locale we drove off in search of our next location and drove we for about 15 mins as we watched the sky deepen in colour and all thinking we would never find a spot to stop.. Well leave no stone unturned and no road traveled on. We went on this little (ok more than a little) road and ended up getting to a spot I notice that had a space in for us to get into a field. Some times I’m a good passenger

Well at this location we set or feet into the dirt and here we stayed till the sun was just a faint memory.

I love doing things like this with wonderful creative friends that understand the process of frustration (when your settings just aren’t working) and the joyous yelp of happiness when the shot works they way you see it in your mind’s eye. Thank you for friends like these makes what I do even more exciting and worth while.

Anyways get on with it Julia show is the

Peace and Respect



I also was able to photograph my friend Darren who was one of the photogs that hung out last night.


So this past saturday I had planned to head out on a photo adventure with some of my fave crew.. well the weather had other plans. So we decided to stay in and play around with models , fruit and flowers…lol

It was a full day full of laughter , creativity, swear words (lol) and   it brought us to a level of  friendship where we can lean on each other and even be supportive of one another’s work! I have a really hard time when photographers get all crazy like and feel like the world can’t know their secrets or style… NOTHING IS NEW PEOPLE .. so why not share in what you know and help others get to that creative point they are striving for? (Steps off soap box)

Some of my all time favorite photographers are ones that share with the world what it is they do and how they do it.

We will probably do this again no idea WHAT the heck we will get into this time but these are some of the images I got from Sunday.

HHC in da house!

Julia,Karen,Ben and Jeff

Peace and Respect



Well most of us… my memory card went nuts on my point and shoot so far no shots of Karen …well behind the scene ones!

Abandon Adventure March 2011

So one of the things I love to do is going and hunting down abandon places and photographing the things that are left behind. Some times you can find the most crazy odd things that make you think ” Why did they leave this?”

Went out this weekend to one a friend told me about. Didn’t stay to long but got some good shots. Hope your weekend was a good one.

Peace and Respect


Abandon Adventure #1

So this week my gal pal Paula Erb came down for a visit from her spot up near New Market.

I wanted to find a really kewl place to take her to so asked a fellow photog about a spot I saw him shoot at a few days a head of time. Well off we went with gear and a tool to help us (shhh) try to open doors if we need it too. We found the place got into the ground good and all but then started to look for a way in… I swear we where there for about 45 mins with no look tool and all! We took a few images on the outside of the place but got NOTHING inside. I will have to try to go back. I then took her to another place that the Flickr Guelph people call the Tree House… well it’s kinda creepy there but even more so cause someone took the time to really make one of the rooms even more creepier.

Our day was full of mud fun laughter and friendship.

Thanks for going on this adventure with me Paula it was a blast… dirty pants and all!

Peace and Respect