Melynda <3

Yes you will recognize this stunning woman. Melynda Moon came over to pose for me again yesterday. Myself and Ashley Taylor of Ashlynn Imagery wanted to shake off the winter blues and get out and photograph Melynda out for Glamour  and inside for Boudoir . It was a beautiful day to shoot yesterday … a wee bit cold but when you have a trooper like Melynda you keep going. We came back to my place to get some more Boudoir photos in. Such a great way to spend a already great afternoon. {Melynda’s Page} {Ashley’s Page}

Thanks so much ladies for giving me a boost I needed to say SCREW YOU there are still beautiful things in this life that need to be shown!

L.O.L {lots of love}


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nothing says photo shoot like a few instagram

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Beautiful Joan

So this amazing woman lives in my town not only lives here but owns her own tattoo parlor here. I have been dieing to shoot her for years but was told that she was not appoarchable for photos. Well who ever it was that told me that was WRONG!

WOw she is just mind numbing

We had a shoot sat Sept 12th in the am. It was really well for a short getting to know you shoot while she sat naked my living room… poor lass.

I can’t wait to work with her again and so glad with out the images came out.

If you are local and want to check out her shop it is … “Stigmata” in Guelph Ontario.

Joan not only is the owner she is the Head piercer there as well.

Ps best tattooists in town as well.

Peace and Respect


Joan Stump s

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