Feeling A Bit More Me

So lately I have been trying to see where I went. I mean where did this fun , full of life, glass half full girl disappear to. I had balls (sort of lol) I never backed down for what I believed in and have always treated people as to how I wanted to be treated. For awhile now I have not seen that girl and that was scaring me. Well Friday I stepped in front of a camera again. Not a self portrait no … this was me letting someone else so me how they see me. Well I have to give hug props to the two amazing women that helped me feel good and let me see that girl I want to be again.

I would like to thank Megan for making my face look amazing and giving me the look I really wanted to have for this shoot!

Big thanks also go to Ashley of Ashlynn Imagery for taking the time and the patients with me… I know how hard it is to work with other photographers…lol we are a picky bunch. http://www.ashlynnimagery.com/

Some may think I’m not showing my actual age. Some may  fantasize about me because the  image they see . So, are they attracted to the actual me or to the image? I am a  real woman who is 42 years old, who has a lazy eye, who has a hernia & overweight. That is who and what I am … I can deal with it … just hope other people can.

I will take away a day of fun , laughter and friendship.

I’m blessed to have amazing people in my life and thank them all.

L.O.L {lots of love}

Julia … head Sex Kitten!!

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Sculpting A Muse

Three Photographers + Seven Hours + One Awesome Model = ONE  KICK ASS  COLLABORATION!!

I knew I wanted to work with Melynda again it has been a bit since she has been infront of my lens. I have known her for about 4 years now and wow from the first time I shot her she has grown into this completely stunning graceful, geeky,Zelda loving woman.

This totally was a creative shoot to get more glamour/boudoir work into our ports that is not there right now. I know these type of images are for all women when they look at images for inspiration for their sessions but I want woman to see there are other ways to look to feel beautiful!

p.s this was all done in the damn heat wave we are having with no a/c now that is dedication!!

Two of the other photographers where

Ashley Taylor of Ashlynnimagery … https://www.facebook.com/AshlynnImagery

And Rocky Pierre Desroches of

Please go check out there work and send them some love.

You can find Melynda Moon here…


Please be respectful to the work done by all …

These images are what I got from lasts night session.

Peace and Respect


lmao fun lovely Melynda just being herself!!