Kara and James

So this lovely has come to me before for boudoir photos. She gave them to her boyfriend and believe it or not he loved them… (yeah well I believed he would) and on that very same day he proposed to her… how SWEET!!..sigh

These to are so smiley and kissy I had a hard time getting photos of them not doing either..lol

I really wish these two so much happiness and laughter in their future years together!

L.O.L {lots of love}


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Alex + Sherri

So a little over then a month ago I meet this amazing couple for a boudoir session. I really wanted to write something but I knew there was nobody better to tell their story then them. This is what Sheri sent me today. I’m sitting here crying , I totally have fallen in love with them both. I wish you both nothing but happiness in your years to come!

L.O.L {lots of love}


“I fell in love with Alex in 2001, before I ever heard his voice, before I ever seen him. He says the same about me. In 2001 there were 2460 kms between us. Alex can recall the exact distance, down to the last km, after all in 2002 he drove it in one day. I remember the night I seen him for the first time. I remember how he pulled me in and kissed me. Perfect. He stayed for a few weeks, when he left he was on his way to a base in Germany. Once there, he was to deploy for Iraq for 18 months. We stayed in touch through all of it. In 2005 he was returning to the states. It should have been our happily ever after… Almost a year had passed, no contact. I don’t know if fate intervened that day in April 2006 or if it was pure luck but I signed into an email acct I hadn’t used since he was in Iraq. Every email was gone, except one. He had sent me his SIN and told me to keep it where I wouldn’t lose it. There was the lonely email, stuck in the drafts folder, safe from the mass delete by msn. For four years we kept in touch, until January of 2010 when each of us within 10 days of each other endured traumatic events in our lives. It was an awakening. 3 years later, here we are. For the past year Alex has been in NY, he drives up here every weekend to see us. One thing that was constant through the years from 2001 was when we would recall our perfect moments with one another. It never seemed that there were words adequate enough to explain. Seemed impossible that he would ever see how much I loved him. And vice versa. Countless times I recall him telling me how he wished I could see myself through his eyes, that I could see how I am the most beautiful thing he ever laid eyes on. How everything else pales in comparison. Enter Julia Busato, we cried when we seen the photos. She captured those moments, the words, the feelings that we have tried so hard to share with one another. Each of us has our favorites, as we remember a touch or embrace in Julia’s studio that took us away to that perfect place in our hearts. These images are priceless. Thank you Julia for capturing all of it . ”

Sheri and Alex

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Tia + Chris

Back in October Angela and myself where at the lovely wedding of Tia and Chris.

We went to the Scottish Rite on a cold rainy day but there was so much love and warmth in this family that we where all floating around hit with the love that was in the air.

We had such a blast with this couple that we didn’t want it to end.

Bonnie + Ronny

Back in August Angela and myself went to photograph the wedding of Bonnie and Ronny. They are such a lovely couple with family and friends that just wrap you into their happiness it’s hard not to fall in love with love watching it all.

We at Nirin Photography wish you nothing but love ,laughter,and a amazing life together.

L.O.L (lots of love)


Megan and Kyle

So friends of mine asked me to do up so photos of them and this couple is a couple I really love to be around and I have so much fun with. We where having a hard time trying to figure out locations for the session because we wanted to show them having fun and being them selves. Till another friend of mine told me that there was a fair in the town beside us. Well off we go .. it was a rainy day and not very many people at the fair because of it so we got to play on the rides for photos .. the people working this fair where awesome and I would love to thank them all for having fun with us.

Here are the photos of us just playing around and having fun!

Thanks to Megan and Kyle for letting me be a kid while I work! ❤

L.O.L {lots of love}


50 Shades Of Susan and John

So yes like a lot of women in this country and others I have read E.L.James 50 Shades book trilogy. …. And LOVED it… sigh … sad it’s over but kinda curious about the movie now.

So when this lovely couple came to me and told me they wanted to do couples boudoir and didn’t really know what to do style / theme wise well I had a few ideas..lol. Thank the heavens these two where up for anything and played along with my vision and let me run wild.

I seriously want to thank Susan and John for not only being an awesome couple full of laughter, love and respect but for being open to some fun in front of my camera.. the camera did get steamy!


Peace and Respect


LOL I will never forget this session … here is one last one to show you we actually had some laughs as well!

Julie And Chris

This past Sunday Morning Julie and Chris came to my home studio to have some couple boudoir shots done. Well I have not done those in some time so I was very excited with the ideas I had for natural light that I get in my bed room. I wanted to portrait something touching , intimate, loving , suggestive, sensual and almost voyeuristic feel to it.  I feel very passionately about my work and feel like I’m in some sublime serial bubble of art and excitement when I get to do work like this. This is what I feel my strong suit is in photography… the artistic flare to nudes and boudoir shots. I LOVE everything I do but this niche really gets me high.

So saying that when I wake up yesterday and find that not only is one of these photos reported for violating some face book agreement I found out on my fan page for these photos (which has a 18+ filter on it) there are more photos gone that seemed to have offended someone with in hours of my posting them. This makes me sad and a bit angry at the same time. I think face book should either come up with some “ART FRIENDLY” filter or be this hard on everybody with their photos at the beach and teens in their bathrooms with bra’s on … come on this is art and compared to the stuff I see on there I’m really shocked at the looky loo’s reporting it as porn or offensive.

I really don’t want to whine or bitch to much this shoot was amazing and the couple was fantastic to work with … I really want to thank them for me twisting and turning them into pretzels..lol You two did a amazing job and the real feelings of love and trust really come through the images we got.

Good luck in your journey you take together and may you always have wonderful Sunday Mornings that you can be in love, laugh and naked in bed together!

Peace and Respect


Aka “The Envelope Pusher”

The Photo that started it all!! …. what a way to spend a Sunday Morning!!

Here are some of the ones with did with Studio Set up lighting.


Young Love

So my son’s best friends mom got a hold of me the other night wanting me to shoot her son ,his gf and their baby. They are a cute couple and good parents. It was a fun shoot lots of laughs and a lil poop down daddy’s leg..lol

Congrads to Steve and Sara their son Noah is a beautiful baby and in good hands.

Peace and Respect


Love is Love

So this past weekend I shot with this amazing couple and their daughter.

Headed down to Etobicoke and meet at the couples home. Such a lovely warm inviting place that they have done a ton of work to. Was greeted by the family dog … Rizo..lol so cute yet funny looking at the same time. While there shooting I find out that the couple has been together for 12 years … WOW. They seem so full of love and laughter that by the end of the shoot I leave with a giant smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Thanks for letting me be a small part of your lives Barb , Lori and Carly.

Peace and Respect