The lovely Ashley came to let me photograph her the other day. Not just my basic boudoir / glamor work but back to my roots with artistic nudes.How happy was I???!!?!?!?! Well if you can’t tell I was happier then a Eskimo taking a trip to Hawaii

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them!

L.O.L {lots of love}


ps I ❤ you Miss Ashley!

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I also took some shots with my Fujifilm Instant Camera .. Instax Mini7s

I really love how these ones turned out too would love to do more with this type of vibe!.

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Melynda <3

Yes you will recognize this stunning woman. Melynda Moon came over to pose for me again yesterday. Myself and Ashley Taylor of Ashlynn Imagery wanted to shake off the winter blues and get out and photograph Melynda out for Glamour  and inside for Boudoir . It was a beautiful day to shoot yesterday … a wee bit cold but when you have a trooper like Melynda you keep going. We came back to my place to get some more Boudoir photos in. Such a great way to spend a already great afternoon. {Melynda’s Page} {Ashley’s Page}

Thanks so much ladies for giving me a boost I needed to say SCREW YOU there are still beautiful things in this life that need to be shown!

L.O.L {lots of love}


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nothing says photo shoot like a few instagram

IMG_4290[1] IMG_4292[1] IMG_4296[1] IMG_4304[1]



So over the last month I have photographed my beautiful niece a few times .. Thought I had written up about but I guess I didn’t .. du’h

She came over the first time to do some Glamor photos with me stylizing it all.

This one is full of spunk and fire and will break many a hearts in her life time .. I just hope she finds the one that captures it and handles it with care.

Auntie J loves you doll face.

L.O.L {lots of love}


The other shoot I had with her was actually me helping my buddy Darren with his session with her. He wanted to do pinup army theme . I just took a few quick ones of her.


So yesterday was a great day. The photography site Flickr has a showcase thing everyday. They call it Explore … well yesterday out of around 500 images that are Explored my photo of Cheri got to the top third spot!

I have to say how happy this makes me . This one photo on this site has been seen by almost 3000 people!

Here is the screen capture of it.

L.O.L {lots of love}



So as of late  I have been inspired by the truly inspirational Sue Bryce and her creative ideas when it comes to posing and clothing. She tends to make shift  some pretty awesome pieces for her glamor photography.  Well I have taken lead with that idea and have started to bring some different pieces into my studio that I can put together to make a unique beautiful look for my clients. I have to tell you this… I AM BY NO MEANS A SEAMSTRESS…I will probably have to stitch things again  in the future and if I could glue and paste things  all together I

But I do love the mindless actions of hand stitching things as couch surf  watching my favorite show’s or movies. And taking a break from editing.

I will try to take better before photos…lol my ipod instagram’s are a tad grainy but for what they are I like them.

This is just to show you how things can look once stylized on a beautiful woman!

L.O.L.{lots of love}


Sleepy Hollow

So this past Sunday a bunch of us really awesome yes I said it AWESOME Photographer friends got together to shoot a “Sleepy Hollow” themed idea.  We had some really amazing models come and man did they go all out! They where totally dressed to the nines with their idea’s of how they would look in the Sleepy Hollow town. The location was offered up to us by one of the amazing people that belong to our Guelph Photographer Facebook Group. Jackie and her really fracken awesome hubby Perry.  They even laid out some spread for us and let me tell you by the time we where done shooting we where all hungry and ready for a hot beverage!Now about half way through this shoot our fearless host got tossed from her horse who had lost his balance on uneven ground. She hurt her knee and yet didn’t want us to leave so we stayed and finished out our shoot. ( We wish Jackie a speedy recovery)

I would love to thank all those that came out and took part of this amazing fun , exciting , tiring day!

L.O.L {lots of love}



This stunning lady has come to me before for photos … in total three times … I love that when that happens. Every time together we seem to both get more comfortable with one another which brings out more creativity and ease.  This time around I think we totally brought out her GLAM looks.

I love working with this sassy sexy lady … hope to do it again!

L.O.L {lots of love}



LOL again I really don’t have ANY FUN AT ALL with my clients I mean NONE AT ALL…lol

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

We have named the winner for the Halloween Scavenger Hunt Contest.

The WINNER of the contest is


She got super creative with her photos and that is what made me pick her!

I had so much fun watching them  do  the contest  ! Might have to do another one in the new year!


Sculpting A Muse

Three Photographers + Seven Hours + One Awesome Model = ONE  KICK ASS  COLLABORATION!!

I knew I wanted to work with Melynda again it has been a bit since she has been infront of my lens. I have known her for about 4 years now and wow from the first time I shot her she has grown into this completely stunning graceful, geeky,Zelda loving woman.

This totally was a creative shoot to get more glamour/boudoir work into our ports that is not there right now. I know these type of images are for all women when they look at images for inspiration for their sessions but I want woman to see there are other ways to look to feel beautiful!

p.s this was all done in the damn heat wave we are having with no a/c now that is dedication!!

Two of the other photographers where

Ashley Taylor of Ashlynnimagery …

And Rocky Pierre Desroches of

Please go check out there work and send them some love.

You can find Melynda Moon here…

Please be respectful to the work done by all …

These images are what I got from lasts night session.

Peace and Respect


lmao fun lovely Melynda just being herself!!

Good and Evil

This past week I shoot with this really amazing family. So full of love, laughter, and creativity that is kinda blew me away. I LOVE clients that come with these crazy kookie ideas and let me go a bit more out there with their ideas. Thanks goes out again to Breila, Jordan,Patty and Mike for letting me play with your creative ideas it was a total blast!

We did a natural family set then a creepy “Adams Family meets the Monsters”…lol

Hope you like them as much as we do.

Peace and Respect