Feeling A Bit More Me

So lately I have been trying to see where I went. I mean where did this fun , full of life, glass half full girl disappear to. I had balls (sort of lol) I never backed down for what I believed in and have always treated people as to how I wanted to be treated. For awhile now I have not seen that girl and that was scaring me. Well Friday I stepped in front of a camera again. Not a self portrait no … this was me letting someone else so me how they see me. Well I have to give hug props to the two amazing women that helped me feel good and let me see that girl I want to be again.

I would like to thank Megan for making my face look amazing and giving me the look I really wanted to have for this shoot!

Big thanks also go to Ashley of Ashlynn Imagery for taking the time and the patients with me… I know how hard it is to work with other photographers…lol we are a picky bunch. http://www.ashlynnimagery.com/

Some may think I’m not showing my actual age. Some may  fantasize about me because the  image they see . So, are they attracted to the actual me or to the image? I am a  real woman who is 42 years old, who has a lazy eye, who has a hernia & overweight. That is who and what I am … I can deal with it … just hope other people can.

I will take away a day of fun , laughter and friendship.

I’m blessed to have amazing people in my life and thank them all.

L.O.L {lots of love}

Julia … head Sex Kitten!!

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The Tea Cup

As the cup baths the leaves around its belly  it listens to the stories of two women with similar pasts. They converse about things from their lives that has made them the women they are today.

The cup tries to figure out what it can do to sooth the souls of these two women.It decides the best it can do is spread warmth through them and take rest at their hearts. And there it stays and listens quietly.

Due to the influential   friend I decided to start writing again along with my photography I need something of a creative outlet that will make me happy again.

Thank you Karen for the lovely tea date and for your friendship.


So this past saturday I had planned to head out on a photo adventure with some of my fave crew.. well the weather had other plans. So we decided to stay in and play around with models , fruit and flowers…lol

It was a full day full of laughter , creativity, swear words (lol) and   it brought us to a level of  friendship where we can lean on each other and even be supportive of one another’s work! I have a really hard time when photographers get all crazy like and feel like the world can’t know their secrets or style… NOTHING IS NEW PEOPLE .. so why not share in what you know and help others get to that creative point they are striving for? (Steps off soap box)

Some of my all time favorite photographers are ones that share with the world what it is they do and how they do it.

We will probably do this again no idea WHAT the heck we will get into this time but these are some of the images I got from Sunday.

HHC in da house!

Julia,Karen,Ben and Jeff

Peace and Respect



Well most of us… my memory card went nuts on my point and shoot so far no shots of Karen …well behind the scene ones!

Pretty Amy

So a friend of mine had one of her best friends come for a visit and as a surprise for her she hired me to do a photo shoot.

Amy was so shy and quite that her prettiness was just a added bonus to finding out who she was. She is a great spirit and a trusting soul … something you don’t come across alot in life. Not only was it a honor to be asked to be a part of this wonderful gift her friend wanted her to have I’m honored to have been around Amy and her love of life.

Peace and Respect


Jenny M

Well in the line of work I have there seems to be a endless supply of beauty around me. I’m not just talking women but life in it’s self.

Jenny sees that and it fills me full of good energy and love when I spend a day with her. We don’t have to shoot when she visits but god damn it if I can’t stop photographing her. She is on my handful of muses and will never stop being one.

I would personally like to thank her for being a part of my life and my art … you are a star in my eyes darlin and I will always cherish you and willingness to let me be creative with you.

Peace and Respect