The lovely Ashley came to let me photograph her the other day. Not just my basic boudoir / glamor work but back to my roots with artistic nudes.How happy was I???!!?!?!?! Well if you can’t tell I was happier then a Eskimo taking a trip to Hawaii

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them!

L.O.L {lots of love}


ps I ❤ you Miss Ashley!

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I also took some shots with my Fujifilm Instant Camera .. Instax Mini7s

I really love how these ones turned out too would love to do more with this type of vibe!.

Scan10007 Scan10003 bw s Scan10008 Scan10009 Scan10011

Kara and James

So this lovely has come to me before for boudoir photos. She gave them to her boyfriend and believe it or not he loved them… (yeah well I believed he would) and on that very same day he proposed to her… how SWEET!!..sigh

These to are so smiley and kissy I had a hard time getting photos of them not doing

I really wish these two so much happiness and laughter in their future years together!

L.O.L {lots of love}


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Feeling A Bit More Me

So lately I have been trying to see where I went. I mean where did this fun , full of life, glass half full girl disappear to. I had balls (sort of lol) I never backed down for what I believed in and have always treated people as to how I wanted to be treated. For awhile now I have not seen that girl and that was scaring me. Well Friday I stepped in front of a camera again. Not a self portrait no … this was me letting someone else so me how they see me. Well I have to give hug props to the two amazing women that helped me feel good and let me see that girl I want to be again.

I would like to thank Megan for making my face look amazing and giving me the look I really wanted to have for this shoot!

Big thanks also go to Ashley of Ashlynn Imagery for taking the time and the patients with me… I know how hard it is to work with other photographers…lol we are a picky bunch.

Some may think I’m not showing my actual age. Some may  fantasize about me because the  image they see . So, are they attracted to the actual me or to the image? I am a  real woman who is 42 years old, who has a lazy eye, who has a hernia & overweight. That is who and what I am … I can deal with it … just hope other people can.

I will take away a day of fun , laughter and friendship.

I’m blessed to have amazing people in my life and thank them all.

L.O.L {lots of love}

Julia … head Sex Kitten!!

2627 bw  IMG_2694wmIMG_2543-wmIMG_2573wmIMG_2576wm


This lovely lady came to play in the studio with her friend whom I will post next. Asia was awesome to work with, we were able to incorporate her fun style with her fun playful movement. I am so happy she allowed us to share her session with all of you!

L.O.L {lots of love}

Julia4673 s4745 s

4698 bw s4882 s4904 bw s


This sultry vixen came over to play at my studio. She was carefree ,full of life  and so much fun to work with. We went from hot mamma , innocent kitty to fun carefree spirit. I love working with people that want a few different looks in their session , but have fun with them all!

L.O.L {lots of love}


;p loving up to the

Lynn And Spencer Step Back In Time

These two where such a joy to work with.. Angela and myself couldn’t have asked for more of a laid back loving couple to enjoy the day with.

They had their shoot theme all planned down to every detail .. Lynn had prepared for this event for a few straight weeks so Spencer tells me…lol .

We can’t wait to come and be apart of your big day at the end of this month!

Peace and Respect

Julia and Anglea.. (NirinPhotography) My wedding photography partner.

I would love to thank my great hair and make-up team as well.

Susan Rice of Creative Designs ….

Megan Haddad of Megz Make-up ….

Plus my amazing photo partner Angela Bruzzese.. love you girlie!!

Angela’s Make Me A Pin-up Session

So my best friend came over this weekend for her make me a pin-up day.

We had gone shopping for dresses the week before and she found this really nice black number that is in some of the shots and the other one she actually owned already so cute!

With the great crew I have for hair and make-up we made this girl who is amazing and already a looker ., look even more stunning!!

We had such a fun time and she didn’t want to take her make-up off afterwards … so the rest of the day we hung out and people where just staring at her and how she looked … I loved it.

Anyways on with the show part of this segment …lol


Peace and Respect


Here is her before and after shot.

Well Hello There …..

So so so sooooooooooooo happy with being able to be doing some pin-ups lately. Let me tell you I love doing boudoir and pin-ups . It’s so fun. My favorite thing to be doing with my life is my passion for photography but that passion is heightened with photographing women. There is something about the way they response to the me as we are shooting …. nervous at first then finding their own sexuality and flirty side open up as we get the vibe flowing. I am always on a bit of a high after a shoot because I know they are going to love the work we just did together.. but when they get their images I’m totally light-hearted and fall right back in love with what I do every time. The excitement and awe of what they look like when they get the finished product just makes anybody who does this job for a living feel a little bit like Venus … spreading love and beauty to women.

So here are a few pin-up shoots I have recently shot.

Decedant Megan ….

Sassy Susan…

Skating Hottie Ashley ….

Hope you like them!

Peace and Respect


Pin-Up Megan

This lovely lady came to me asking me and my team to do a pin-up shoot with her… well was I tickled pink about that!!

It’s not very often I get to do this type of photography and let me tell you it was a pure joy to do it with this lady. So much fun dancing and laughing ok ok there was some posing in there too.

I would like to thank Megan O’Neil for taking on this adventure with us and kicking up her KILLER heels!

Big shout out to my team.

Megan Haddad of Megz Make-up …

Susan Rice of Creative Designs…

Peace and Respect

Your faithful photographer


Megan’s Before and After….

My Pretty Flower

My daughter agreed to pose for me last night… I was given the time limit of 20 mins NO MORE

I have just gotten some vintage hats and wanted to try one out on her with the new brown back ground. So off she went to put on her halter dress brush her hair and look “nice” for the camera. She is starting to look more and more older to me on some days and man alive that freaks me out a bit… I don’t want her to grow up… one of the most selfish thing a parent can say I know but awwww she is just to cute.

Anyways enough babbling from the peanut gallery.

Peace and Respect

Much love to my sweet lass. M

Julia aka Mom